Brief history

A brief history of the Taralye Foundation

With limited funding coming from government and a need for reliable funding for Taralye’s services, the Taralye Foundation was established as a public fund by the Taralye board in 2002 and contributes funds towards Taralye’s research, programs, facilities and projects.

A brief history of Taralye

In 1968 a group of families and early childhood education professionals formed The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH)

A pioneer in oral language development in deaf children with integration and early intervention core to its philosophy, this group believed deaf children should have access to the same educational opportunities as hearing children.

In 1979, the ACCIH opened Taralye, an internationally recognised early intervention centre providing inclusive oral language programs for deaf children and their families.

The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH) continues to act as a leading advocate for oral education services for deaf children throughout Victoria.

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ACCIH Founding Members

  • Mrs Nancy John MBE

  • Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE

  • Mrs Frances Derham MBE

  • Mrs Ethleen King CBE

  • Mr and Mrs Worrall Jones

  • Mr John Calvert-Jones AM

  • Mrs Janet Calvert-Jones AM